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Science - Over 60 Years of Research & Development

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CoalStar is a patented liquid, safe to handle and environmentally friendly. It is a light yellowish-brown liquid that is composed of multiple nano based enzyme groups, coenzyme trace elements and gene activators. Its specific gravity is 1.02, its viscosity is below 10 cps, it is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive.

CoalStar contains an oxidative enzyme, which greatly promotes combustion and reduces the need to “burn” outside air, which reduces nitrogen. CoalStar enzymes make sulfur, nitrogen and heavy metal (including mercury) components form salts instead of air pollution (SOx and NOx). These enzymes increase the ash melting point resulting in the reduction of ash air pollutants.  There are other substantial benefits from our products: increases the value of coal, may extend the life of the coal generation plant, increase a coal facility’s life, reduce/eliminate other pollution equipment usage, reduce/eliminate governmental and other fines, reduce equipment corrosion, thus lowering maintenance costs, etc.

Please contact us to get more information on white papers prepared by Universities, actual boiler test results, detailed CoalStar products' scientific data and the products' enzyme description.