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Savings - Increase Coal Efficiency & Reduce Costs**

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A typical power plant using CoalStar Products saves well over $1,000,000** per year plus:

Additional Savings **:

  •  Pollution controls, supplies and other related costs
  •  Maintenance savings and downtime costs
  •  Ash reduction and associated costs
  •  Elimination or reduction in fines & law suits
  •  IRS Section 45 tax credits (up to $6.33/ton) - see your tax advisor
  •  Possible Fuel Adjustment Clause Pass Through - see your financial advisor
  •  Many facilities will be able to meet 2014 (and beyond) EPA pollution reduction requirements with reduced CAPEX
  •  May improve facility's bond rating and thus reduce debt interest charges - see your financial advisor

BOTTOM LINE - Keeping your facility open & saving jobs!

** This is an illustration of CoalStar Products' potential savings.  Actual savings will depend on many factors including: coal costs, CoalStar costs, type of coal, actual coal usage, CoalStar Products' process adherance, location, etc. Please contact us to help calculate potential savings at your plant.