Coal Boost Inc. - Clean Coal Technology
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Coal Boost Inc. - USA Northeastern Distributor

Coal Boost Inc. - 750 Bedford Street
Johnstown - Pennsylvania - 15902
Telephone: 814-322-7685
Fax: 814-536-5734

Coal Boost partners with its customers to ensure success.

Coal Boost pledges to provide planning and ongoing on-site support on how to handle, move, measure, dilute and implementation of the CoalStar product.  If necessary, Coal Boost will provide continuous daily support to ensure its customer’s training and confidence in product usage. 

Coal Boost is the Northeastern USA distributor of CoalStar Products.  CoalStar Products are E² and X².  It has taken over sixty years to create this patented product with an investment of over two hundred million dollars in research and development. 

E² and X² products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive.

Our goal is to provide US based coal generation companies and coal producers the same opportunity as realized overseas - to increase coal combustion efficiency and decreasing harmful emissions.

Please contact us for more information.