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Increasing Coal Efficiency/Decreasing Pollutants

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Clean Coal Technology - Upgrade your coal not your plant Meet 2014 EPA Requirements - Upgrade your coal not your plant
The Energy Challenge of Coal:

Coal problem: High ash and sulfur content, the large amount of SOx and NOx emissions from combustion are easily absorbed by rain, forming acid rain and environmental hormones and polluting the environment.

Major sources of pollutants: Coal-fired power plants, cogeneration, and various industrial boilers, furnaces, etc.(coal gets blamed for up to 80% of air pollution).

Urgent need: improve coal combustion efficiency and reduce the emission of pollutants.
CoalStar Products:

Our nano based, ultra enzyme liquid products are easily applied to any type of coal. Application is simple, just dilute with water and spray on the coal. The product is suitable for all forms of power plants that use coal as their energy source. 

Key benefits:
Increases coal combustion efficiency.  Significantly decreases harmful emmissions and operating costs.  Significantly reduces other costs such as maintenance, fines, slagging, transportation, etc.  Coal plants may now meet 2014 EPA requirements (and beyond) without making major infrastructure changes.
Current world energy reserve: 50 years for crude oil and 60 years for natural gas, but as much as 400 years for coal. Coal is our most important long-term energy source.  For more information contact us.